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Advent of Ascension adds over 251 advancements to Minecraft, covering all areas of the mod.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player gains access to the primary advancements tab immediately on logging in the first time, however there is an additional tab for each dimension that is unlocked by visiting that dimension for the first time. The list of advancements below are split up based on their individual sections.

The Advent of Ascension advancement is unlocked immediately upon starting the game. The By the Books advancement is also unlocked from the start, however this advancement can be revoked if the player uses one of the mod's commands. When this happens, it can never be reobtained in survival mode.

List of advancements[edit | edit source]

Abyss[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngEye Bulb.png The Abyss Visit the Abyss aoa3:abyss/root No
Advancement challenge bg.pngSplash potion regeneration.png Activated My Trap Card! Kill Elusive while invisible and not wearing armour Unwavering Eyes aoa3:abyss/activated_my_trap_card Yes
Eluding The Elusive Craft a Gold Elusive Statue Unwavering Eyes aoa3:abyss/eluding_the_elusive No
Spotlight in The Dark Craft a Gold Shadowlord Statue The Shadow What? aoa3:abyss/spotlight_in_the_dark No
Advancement bg.pngBook of Shadows.png The Dark Book Obtain a Book of Shadows The Abyss aoa3:abyss/the_dark_book No
The Real Lord Craft an Ornate Shadowlord Statue Spotlight in The Dark aoa3:abyss/the_real_lord Yes
The Shadow What? Defeat Shadowlord, master of darkness The Dark Book aoa3:abyss/the_shadow_what No
Advancement bg.pngStaring Eye.png The Staring Eye Obtain a Staring Eye The Abyss aoa3:abyss/the_staring_eye No
True Illusion Craft an Ornate Elusive Statue Eluding The Elusive aoa3:abyss/true_illusion Yes
Unwavering Eyes Defeat the Elusive, the master of deception The Staring Eye aoa3:abyss/unwavering_eyes No

Ancient Cavern[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Challenger's Arena Visit the Ancient Cavern aoa3:ancientcavern/root No
Erebon's Contender Craft a Gold Penumbra Statue The Outer Shadow aoa3:ancientcavern/erebons_contender No
Erebon's New Champion Craft an Ornate Penumbra Statue Erebon's Contender aoa3:ancientcavern/erebons_new_champion Yes
Gold Digger Defeat Goldorth, champion of Pluton Challenger's Arena aoa3:ancientcavern/gold_digger No
Luxon's Contender Craft a Gold Horon Statue White Knighting aoa3:ancientcavern/luxons_contender No
Luxon's New Champion Craft an Ornate Horon Statue Luxon's Contender aoa3:ancientcavern/luxons_new_champion Yes
Pluton's Contender Craft a Gold Goldorth Statue Gold Digger aoa3:ancientcavern/plutons_contender No
Pluton's New Champion Craft an Ornate Goldorth Statue Pluton's Contender aoa3:ancientcavern/plutons_new_champion Yes
Selyan's Contender Craft a Gold Coniferon Statue Tree Feller aoa3:ancientcavern/selyans_contender No
Selyan's New Champion Craft an Ornate Coniferon Statue Selyan's Contender aoa3:ancientcavern/selyans_new_champion Yes
The Outer Shadow Defeat Penumbra, champion of Erebon Challenger's Arena aoa3:ancientcavern/the_outer_shadow No
Tree Feller Defeat Coniferon, champion of Selyan Challenger's Arena aoa3:ancientcavern/tree_feller No
White Knighting Defeat Horon, champion of Luxon Challenger's Arena aoa3:ancientcavern/white_knighting No

Barathos[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngHive Spawner.png Barren Ground Visit Barathos aoa3:barathos/root No
Advancement challenge bg.pngHive Staff.png Daddy Issues Defeat the Hive King with a Hive Soldier Hive-Monarch Down aoa3:barathos/daddy_issues Yes
Exterminator Craft an ornate Hive King Statue Living Insecticide aoa3:barathos/exterminator Yes
Advancement bg.pngHive Chunk.png Hive Minded Obtain a Hive Chunk Barren Ground aoa3:barathos/hive_minded No
Hive-Monarch Down Defeat Hive King, the swarm leader Hive Minded aoa3:barathos/hive_monarch_down No
Lighter Than a Duck Defeat Baroness, the archwitch The Dark Gem aoa3:barathos/lighter_than_a_duck No
Living Insecticide Craft a Gold Hive King Statue Hive-Monarch Down aoa3:barathos/living_insecticide No
Advancement bg.pngWarlock Gem.png The Dark Gem Obtain a Warlock Gem Barren Ground aoa3:barathos/the_dark_gem Yes
To Hogwarts With You Craft an Ornate Baroness Statue Witch Hunt aoa3:barathos/to_hogwarts_with_you Yes
Witch Hunt Craft a Gold Baroness Statue Lighter Than a Duck aoa3:barathos/witch_hunt No

Candyland[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngSour Gummy.png Sweet Things Abound Visit the Candyland aoa3:candyland/root No
Caramelized Craft an Ornate Cotton Candor Statue Dental Nightmare aoa3:candyland/caramelized Yes
Dental Nightmare Craft a Gold Cotton Candor Statue No Treat, Only Trick aoa3:candyland/dental_nightmare No
No Treat, Only Trick Defeat Cotton Candor, the sweet giant Trick or Treat! aoa3:candyland/no_treat_only_trick No
Advancement bg.pngTreat Bag.png Trick or Treat! Obtain a Treat Bag Sweet Things Abound aoa3:candyland/trick_or_treat No
Advancement challenge bg.pngWind Staff.png When Push Comes to Shove Finish off Cotton Candor with a Wind Staff No Treat, Only Trick aoa3:candyland/when_push_comes_to_shove Yes

Celeve[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngCircus Coin.png Funny, or Scary? Visit Celeve aoa3:celeve/root No
Clown Hatred Defeat Gyro, the final act Soi Soi Soi aoa3:celeve/clown_hatred No
Die Clown, Die. Craft an Ornate Gyro Statue I. Hate. Clowns. aoa3:celeve/die_clown_die Yes
I. Hate. Clowns. Craft a Gold Gyro Statue Clown Hatred aoa3:celeve/i_hate_clowns No
Advancement bg.pngToy Gyrocopter.png Soi Soi Soi Obtain a Toy Gyrocopter Funny, or Scary? aoa3:celeve/soi_soi_soi No

Completionist's Chronicles[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement goal bg.pngLarge Skill Crystal.png Actually Half Way There Reach level 93 in any skill Half Way There aoa3:completionist/actually_half_way_there No
Advancement goal bg.pngAlchemy Helmet.png Alchemy Mastery Reach level 100 Alchemy Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/alchemy_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngEnchanted Golden Apple.png An Unbalanced Diet Consume one of every food in the mod. Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/an_unbalanced_diet Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngAnima Helmet.png Anima Mastery Reach level 100 Anima Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/anima_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngAugury Helmet.png Augury Mastery Reach level 100 Augury Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/augury_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngTidal Greatblade.png Basically Poseidon Obtain a Tidal Greatblade Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/basically_poseidon Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngOccult Shovel.png Better than a Spoon Obtain an Occult Shovel Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/better_than_a_spoon Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngButchery Helmet.png Butchery Mastery Reach level 100 Butchery Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/butchery_mastery Yes
Advancement bg.pngAlien Orb.png Completionist's Chronicles Let's conquer the world! aoa3:completionist/root No
Advancement challenge bg.pngMusic Disc (Outlaw).png Cowboy Bebop Obtain an Outlaw music disc. Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/cowboy_bebop Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngCreation Helmet.png Creation Mastery Reach level 100 Creation Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/creation_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngEngineering Helmet.png Engineering Mastery Reach level 100 Engineering Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/engineering_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngExpedition Helmet.png Expedition Mastery Reach level 100 Expedition Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/expedition_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngOrnate Xxeus Statue.png Expensive Curtains Obtain one of each Bejewelled Banner Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/expensive_curtains Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngExtraction Helmet.png Extraction Mastery Reach level 100 Extraction Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/extraction_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngForaging Helmet.png Foraging Mastery Reach level 100 Foraging Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/foraging_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngGardener.png Green Thumb Obtain a Gardener Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/green_thumb Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngMedium Skill Crystal.png Half Way There Reach level 50 in any skill My First Level aoa3:completionist/half_way_there No
Advancement challenge bg.pngMusic Disc (Caverns).png High-Flying Spelunker Obtain a Caverns music disc Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/high_flying_spelunker Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngInfusion Helmet.png Infusion Mastery Reach level 100 Infusion Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/infusion_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngHauling Helmet.png Hauling Mastery Reach level 100 Hauling Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/hauling_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngHunter Helmet.png Hunter Mastery Reach level 100 Hunter Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/hunter_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngInnervation Helmet.png Innervation Mastery Reach level 100 Innervation Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/innervation_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngColor Cannon.png It's a Rainbow! Obtain a Colour Cannon Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/its_a_rainbow Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngLogging Helmet.png Logging Mastery Reach level 100 Logging Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/logging_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngGold Xxeus Statue.png Medusa, Bling! Obtain one of every gold boss statue Medusa, Light aoa3:completionist/medusa_bling Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngXxeus Statue.png Medusa, Light Obtain one of every boss statue Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/medusa_light Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngExperiment W-801.png Monster Blaster Obtain Experiement-W801 Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/monster_blaster Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngSmall Skill Crystal.png My First Level Reach level 2 in any skill Advent of Ascension aoa3:completionist/my_first_level No
Advancement goal bg.pngRunation Helmet.png Runation Mastery Reach level 100 Runation Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/runation_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngShoe Flinger.png The Ultimate Weapon Obtain a Shoe Flinger Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/the_ultimate_weapon Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngOccult Axe.png Tree Listener Obtain an Occult Axe Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/tree_listener Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngAlchemy Chestplate.png True Alchemy Mastery Reach level 1000 Alchemy Alchemy Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_alchemy_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngAnima Chestplate.png True Anima Mastery Reach level 1000 Anima Anima Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_anima_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngAugury Chestplate.png True Augury Mastery Reach level 1000 Augury Augury Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_augury_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngButchery Chestplate.png True Butchery Mastery Reach level 1000 Butchery Butchery Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_butchery_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngCreation Chestplate.png True Creation Mastery Reach level 1000 Creation Creation Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_creation_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngEngineering Chestplate.png True Engineering Mastery Reach level 1000 Engineering Engineering Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_engineering_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngExpedition Chestplate.png True Expedition Mastery Reach level 1000 Expedition Expedition Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_expedition_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngExtraction Chestplate.png True Extraction Mastery Reach level 1000 Extraction Extraction Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_extraction_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngForaging Chestplate.png True Foraging Mastery Reach level 1000 Foraging Foraging Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_foraging_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngHauling Chestplate.png True Hauling Mastery Reach level 1000 Hauling Hauling Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_hauling_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngHunter Chestplate.png True Hunter Mastery Reach level 1000 Hunter Hunter Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_hunter_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngInfusion Chestplate.png True Infusion Mastery Reach level 1000 Infusion Infusion Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_infusion_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngInnervation Chestplate.png True Innervation Mastery Reach level 1000 Innervation Innervation Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_innervation_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngLogging Chestplate.png True Logging Mastery Reach level 1000 Logging Logging Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_logging_mastery Yes
Advancement goal bg.pngRunation Chestplate.png True Runation Mastery Reach level 1000 Runation Runation Mastery aoa3:completionist/true_runation_mastery Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngOccult Pickaxe.png Underground Occult Obtain an Occult Pickaxe Completionist's Chronicles aoa3:completionist/underground_occult Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngOrnate Xxeus Statue.png Wax Museum Obtain one of every ornate boss statue Medusa, Bling! aoa3:completionist/wax_museum Yes

Creeponia[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngCreep Flowers.png Unstable to Its Core Visit Creeponia aoa3:creeponia/root No
Bomb-Squad Onsite Craft a Gold C.R.E.E.P Statue Fizzled Out aoa3:creeponia/bomb_squad_onsite No
Denuclearized Craft an Ornate C.R.E.E.P Statue Bomb-Squad Onsite aoa3:creeponia/denuclearized Yes
Fizzled Out Defeat C.R.E.E.P, Creepy Raging Entity of Extreme Power Handle With Care aoa3:creeponia/fizzled_out No
Advancement bg.pngExplosive Gems.png Handle With Care Obtain some Explosive Gems Unstable to Its Core aoa3:creeponia/handle_with_care No

Crystevia[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngGreen Gemstones.png The Dazzling Underground Visit Crystevia aoa3:crystevia/root No
Advancement bg.pngGiant Crystal.png Bigger Than Your Average Crystal Obtain a Giant Crystal The Dazzling Underground aoa3:crystevia/bigger_than_your_average_crystal No
Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Craft an Ornate Crystocore Statue Two Million Carat aoa3:crystevia/color_clarity_cut_carat Yes
The Angry Crystal Defeat Crystocore, construct of power Bigger Than Your Average Crystal aoa3:crystevia/the_angry_crystal No
Two Million Carat Craft a Gold Crystocore Statue The Angry Crystal aoa3:crystevia/two_million_carat No

Deeplands[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngDeep Blooms.png The Deep Below Visit the Deeplands aoa3:deeplands/root No
Advancement bg.pngBoulder Dash.png A Big Rock Obtain a Boulder Dash The Deep Below aoa3:deeplands/a_big_rock No
Expert Rock-Breaker Craft a Gold Kror Statue Rock And a Hard Place aoa3:deeplands/expert_rock_breaker No
Personal Quarry Craft an Ornate Kror Statue Expert Rock-Breaker aoa3:deeplands/personal_quarry Yes
Rock And a Hard Place Defeat Kror, the stone giant A Big Rock aoa3:deeplands/rock_and_a_hard_place No

Dustopia[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngPrimordial Dust.png A Dark Place Visit Dustopia aoa3:dustopia/root No
Harkos Documented Craft a Gold Harkos Statue They Don't Seem That Old? aoa3:dustopia/harkos_documented No
Harkos, Re-Written Craft an Ornate Harkos Statue Harkos Documented aoa3:dustopia/harkos_rewritten Yes
Kajaros Documented Craft a Gold Kajaros Statue They Don't Seem That Old? aoa3:dustopia/kajaros_documented No
Kajaros, Re-Written Craft an Ornate Kajaros Statue Kajaros Documented aoa3:dustopia/kajaros_rewritten Yes
Miskel Documented Craft a Gold Miskel Statue They Don't Seem That Old? aoa3:dustopia/miskel_documented No
Miskel, Re-Written Craft an Ornate Miskel Statue Miskel Documented aoa3:dustopia/miskel_rewritten Yes
Okazor Documented Craft a Gold Okazor Statue They Don't Seem That Old? aoa3:dustopia/okazor_documented No
Okazor, Re-Written Craft an Ornate Okazor Statue Okazor Documented aoa3:dustopia/okazor_rewritten Yes
Raxxan Documented Craft a Gold Raxxan Statue They Don't Seem That Old? aoa3:dustopia/raxxan_documented No
Raxxan, Re-Written Craft an Ornate Raxxan Statue Raxxan Documented aoa3:dustopia/raxxan_rewritten Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngDustopian Lamp Off.png They Don't Seem That Old? Defeat the Primordial Five A Dark Place aoa3:dustopia/they_dont_seem_that_old No

Gardencia[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngGoldicap Petals.png You Are What You Eat Visit Gardencia aoa3:gardencia/root No
Advancement bg.pngPetals.png Flowers For All! Obtain Petals You Are What You Eat aoa3:gardencia/flowers_for_all No
Green Thumb of Death Defeat Vinocorne, king of the plants Flowers For All! aoa3:gardencia/green_thumb_of_death No
No More Hayfever Craft an Ornate Vinocorne Statue Weed Killing aoa3:gardencia/no_more_hayfever Yes
Weed Killing Craft a Gold Vinocorne Statue Green Thumb of Death aoa3:gardencia/weed_killing No

Greckon[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngGhoulasm.png The Haunted Lands Visit Greckon aoa3:greckon/root No
Advancement bg.pngHaunted Idol.png It Laughs At Me Obtain a Haunted Idol The Haunted Lands aoa3:greckon/it_laughs_at_me No
I Was Never Scared Craft an Ornate Bane Statue Revenge Haunting aoa3:greckon/i_was_never_scared Yes
Revenge Haunting Craft a Gold Bane Statue Voodoo Vengeance aoa3:greckon/revenge_haunting No
Voodoo Vengeance Defeat Bane, the haunter It Laughs At Me aoa3:greckon/voodoo_vengeance No

Haven[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngCrystallite.png Flying High Visit the Haven aoa3:haven/root No
Barely Even Guarding Craft a Gold Guardian Statue Guard That! aoa3:haven/barely_even_guarding No
Guard That! Defeat The Four Guardians, protectors of the haven Lighthearted Surgery aoa3:haven/guard_that No
Let's Rock And Roll! Defeat Rock Rider, the rocky duo My Rock Collection aoa3:haven/lets_rock_and_roll No
Advancement bg.pngVoliant Heart.png Lighthearted Surgery Obtain a Voliant Heart Flying High aoa3:haven/lighthearted_surgery No
Advancement bg.pngHeavy Boulder.png My Rock Collection Obtain a Heavy Boulder Flying High aoa3:haven/my_rock_collection No
My Turn to Ride Craft an Ornate Rockrider Statue Rockslide aoa3:haven/my_turn_to_ride Yes
Rockslide Craft a Gold Rockrider Statue Let's Rock And Roll! aoa3:haven/rockslide No
The Fifth Guardian Craft an Ornate Guardian Statue Barely Even Guarding aoa3:haven/the_fifth_guardian Yes

Immortallis[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngPure Gold.png Entering the Arena Visit Immortallis aoa3:immortallis/root No
100m Sprint Craft a Gold Flash Statue Not As Fast As Me! aoa3:immortallis/100m_sprint No
Countervision Craft an Ornate Mirage Statue Ex-Mirage aoa3:immortallis/countervision Yes
Ex-Mirage Craft a Gold Mirage Statue You Can't Hide From Me! aoa3:immortallis/ex_mirage No
Get A Bigger Shield Craft a Gold Proshield Statue Shields Are For Cowards aoa3:immortallis/get_a_bigger_shield No
Golden Clubs Craft a Gold Klobber Statue Klobbered aoa3:immortallis/golden_clubs No
Impenetrable Craft an Ornate Proshield Statue Get A Bigger Shield aoa3:immortallis/impenetrable Yes
Klobbered Defeat Klobber, the strength immortal The Challenger Enters aoa3:immortallis/klobbered No
Klobbering Days Are Over Craft an Ornate Klobber Statue Golden Clubs aoa3:immortallis/klobbering_days_are_over Yes
Light-Speed Craft an Ornate Flash Statue 100m Sprint aoa3:immortallis/light_speed Yes
Not As Fast As Me! Defeat Flash, the shifter immortal You Can't Hide From Me! aoa3:immortallis/not_as_fast_as_me No
Advancement bg.pngVulcane.png Seeking Vengeance Purchase a Vulcane from the Dungeon Keeper Entering the Arena aoa3:immortallis/seeking_vengeance No
Shields Are For Cowards Defeat Proshield, the defender immortal Klobbered aoa3:immortallis/shields_are_for_cowards No
Advancement bg.pngStarting Coin.png The Challenger Enters Purchase a starting coin from the dungeon keeper Entering the Arena aoa3:immortallis/the_challenger_enters No
You Can't Hide From Me! Defeat Mirage, the warlock immortal Shields Are For Cowards aoa3:immortallis/you_cant_hide_from_me No

Iromine[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngMecha Gear.png The Golden Hills Visit Iromine aoa3:iromine/root No
Clubbed to Death Defeat Silverfoot, the juggernaut Not Legal Tender aoa3:iromine/clubbed_to_death No
Deconstructed Defeat Mechbot, the mechanical fighter Ooh, Shiny! aoa3:iromine/deconstructed No
Even More Shiny! Craft a Gold Mechbot Statue Deconstructed aoa3:iromine/even_more_shiny No
Goldenfoot Craft a Gold Silverfoot Statue Clubbed to Death aoa3:iromine/goldenfoot No
Less Shiny Now Though.. Craft an Ornate Mechbot Statue Even More Shiny! aoa3:iromine/less_shiny_now_though Yes
Advancement bg.pngSilvro Coin.png Not Legal Tender Obtain a Silvro Coin The Golden Hills aoa3:iromine/not_legal_tender No
Advancement bg.pngGold Spring.png Ooh, Shiny! Obtain a Gold Spring The Golden Hills aoa3:iromine/ooh_shiny Yes
...Platinumfoot? Craft an Ornate Silverfoot Statue Goldenfoot aoa3:iromine/platinumfoot Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngMecha Archergun.png Should Be A Mechanic Complete all 5 incomplete weapons from Iromine The Golden Hills aoa3:iromine/should_be_a_mechanic Yes

L'Borean[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngHydro Stone.png A Reef Destroyed Visit L'Borean aoa3:lborean/root No
Draconic Destruction Craft an Ornate Dracyon Statue Used Dragon Rage! aoa3:lborean/draconic_destruction Yes
Enough of Your Snappy Attitude Craft an Ornate Hydrolisk Statue Gold-Leaf Seafood aoa3:lborean/enough_of_your_snappy_attitude Yes
Gold-Leaf Seafood Craft a gold Hydrolisk Statue Lobster Mousse aoa3:lborean/gold_leaf_seafood No
Advancement bg.pngPure Water Stone.png Let The Water Run Obtain a Pure Water Stone A Reef Destroyed aoa3:lborean/let_the_water_run No
Lobster Mousse Defeat Hydrolisk, the giant invertebrate Let The Water Run aoa3:lborean/lobster_mousse No
Advancement challenge bg.pngCoral Archergun.png Should Be A Plumber Unclog all 5 waterlogged weapons from L'Borean A Reef Destroyed aoa3:lborean/should_be_a_plumber Yes
The Winged Lizard Defeat Dracyon, the flying water guardian Who You Gonna Call? aoa3:lborean/the_winged_lizard No
Used Dragon Rage! Craft a Gold Dracyon Statue The Winged Lizard aoa3:lborean/used_dragon_rage No
Advancement bg.pngCall of the Drake.png Who You Gonna Call? Obtain a Call of The Drake A Reef Destroyed aoa3:lborean/who_you_gonna_call No

Lelyetia[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngZhinx Dust.png The Inverted World Visit Lelyetia aoa3:lelyetia/root No
Advancement bg.pngGuardian's Eye.png Eye Of The Guardian Obtain a Guardian's Eye The Inverted World aoa3:lelyetia/eye_of_the_guardian No
I Don't Even Care About The Trees Craft an Ornate Graw Statue Planned Deforestation aoa3:lelyetia/i_dont_even_care_about_the_trees Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngElytra.png Living On The Edge Reach Y=2 or lower in Lelyetia The Inverted World aoa3:lelyetia/living_on_the_edge Yes
Planned Deforestation Craft a Gold Graw Statue Your Home is Mine aoa3:lelyetia/planned_deforestation No
Your Home is Mine Defeat Graw, the forest guardian Eye Of The Guardian aoa3:lelyetia/your_home_is_mine No

Lunalus[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngUncharged Orb.png An Eerie Silence Visit Lunalus aoa3:lunalus/root No
Advancement challenge bg.pngShyre Staff.png 200 IQ Use a Shyre staff to travel in Lunalus An Eerie Silence aoa3:lunalus/200_iq Yes
Blinded Craft an Ornate Visualent Statue I See You Too aoa3:lunalus/blinded Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngBolt Rifle.png Bullseye! Kill Visualent with a sniper Made You Blink! aoa3:lunalus/bullseye Yes
Advancement bg.pngObserving Eye.png It Sees All Obtain an Observing Eye An Eerie Silence aoa3:lunalus/it_sees_all No
I See You Too Craft a Gold Visualent Statue Made You Blink! aoa3:lunalus/i_see_you_too No
Made You Blink! Defeat Visualent, the observer It Sees All aoa3:lunalus/made_you_blink No

Mysterium[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngRune Stone.png Fungal Skyscrapers Visit Mysterium aoa3:mysterium/root No
A Nice Cup of Shroom Tea Craft a Gold King Shroomus Statue Shroomed! aoa3:mysterium/a_nice_cup_of_shroom_tea No
Fungicide Craft an Ornate King Shroomus Statue A Nice Cup of Shroom Tea aoa3:mysterium/fungicide Yes
Advancement bg.pngShroom Stone.png It's Not What It Looks Like! Obtain a Shroom Stone Fungal Skyscrapers aoa3:mysterium/its_not_what_it_looks_like No
Shroomed! Defeat King Shroomus, the mushroom monster It's Not What It Looks Like! aoa3:mysterium/shroomed No

Nether[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Bamm-Bamm! Craft an Ornate King BamBamBam Statue Blast-Resistant aoa3:nether/bamm_bamm Yes
Blast-Resistant Craft a Gold King BamBamBam Statue Defused aoa3:nether/blast_resistant No
Defused Defeat King BamBamBam, baron of explosives I Like The Boom aoa3:nether/defused No
Advancement bg.pngNethengeic Callstone.png His Bigger, Badder, Brother Obtain a Nethengeic Calllstone aoa3:nether/his_bigger_badder_brother No
Advancement bg.pngExplosive Idol.png I Like The Boom Obtain an Explosive Idol aoa3:nether/i_like_the_boom No
Nethengeic Deliverance Craft an Ornate Nethengeic Wither Statue Nethengeic Gold aoa3:nether/nethengeic_deliverance Yes
Nethengeic Gold Craft a Gold Nethengeic Wither Statue Nethengeic Shutdown aoa3:nether/nethengeic_gold No
Nethengeic Shutdown Defeat the Nethengeic Wither, the flying demon His Bigger, Badder, Brother aoa3:nether/nethengeic_shutdown No
Advancement challenge bg.png32px Overheat Eat a Chilli while standing in lava in the nether aoa3:nether/overheat Yes

Overworld[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngBlast Cannon.png Advent of Ascension Welcome to the new world aoa3:overworld/root No
Advancement bg.pngFrame Bench.png Armory Prep Craft a Frame Bench aoa3:overworld/root No
Advancement challenge bg.pngCommand Block.png By The Books Don't cheat. Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/by_the_books No
Advancement challenge bg.pngCarrot Cannon.png FIRMLY GRASP IT! Kill a Rabbit with a Carrot Cannon Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/firmly_grasp_it Yes
Hardened Coral Craft a Gold Corallus Statue Reef Bleach aoa3:overworld/hardened_coral No
Advancement challenge bg.pngHellfire.png Heckfire Hit 20 targets with a single Hellfire Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/heckfire Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngShield.png Immovable Object Take a 40 damage or higher hit Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/immovable_object Yes
Advancement bg.pngAbyss Realmstone.png Key To The Abyss Obtain an Abyss Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_abyss No
Advancement bg.pngBarathos Realmstone.png Key To The Barren Lands Obtain a Barathos Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_barren_lands No
Advancement bg.pngAncient Cavern Realmstone.png Key To The Cavern Obtain an Ancient Cavern Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_cavern No
Advancement bg.pngCeleve Realmstone.png Key To The Circus Obtain a Celeve Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_circus No
Advancement bg.pngDustopia Realmstone.png Key To The Darkness Obtain a Dustopia Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_darkness No
Advancement bg.pngGardencia Realmstone.png Key To The Garden Obtain a Gardencia Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_garden No
Advancement bg.pngDeeplands Realmstone.png Key To The Underground Obtain a Deeplands Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_underground No
Advancement bg.pngLunalus Realmstone.png Key To The Void Obtain a Lunalus Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/key_to_the_void No
Advancement challenge bg.pngOld Boot.png La Chancla Kill a boss with the Shoe Flinger Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/la_chancla Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngLunaver Coin.png My Precious! Obtain a Lunaver Coin Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/my_precious No
Advancement challenge bg.pngTrilliad Leaves.png Near-Death Experience Eat some Trilliad Leaves Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/near_death_experience Yes
New King Of The Trolls Defeat Smash, King of the Trolls Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/new_king_of_the_trolls No
Advancement challenge bg.pngCandy Blade.png Overkill, Schmoverkill. Deal over 100 damage in a single hit Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/overkill_schmoverkill Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngConfetti Cannon.png Party Time! Shoot a Confetti Cannon, and a Confetti Cluster at least once Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/party_time Yes
Reef Bleach Defeat Corallus, the Coral Monster Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/reef_bleach No
Reef Extinction Obtain an Ornate Corallus Statue Hardened Coral aoa3:overworld/reef_extinction Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngRPG.png Surface-To-Air Kill a flying mob on impact with an RPG Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/surface_to_air Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngGod's Greatblade.gif The Almighty Touch Deal at least 200 damage in a single hit Overkill Schomoverkill aoa3:overworld/the_almighty_touch No
Advancement bg.pngImmortallis Realmstone.png The Challenger's Key Obtain an Immortallis Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_challengers_key No
Advancement bg.pngCrystevia Realmstone.png The Crystal Key Obtain a Crystevia Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_crystal_key No
Advancement bg.pngBorean Realmstone.png The Dripping Key Obtain a L'Borean Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_dripping_key No
Advancement bg.pngCreeponia Realmstone.png The Explosive Key Obtain a Creeponia Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_explosive_key No
Advancement bg.pngLelyetia Realmstone.png The Flipped Key Obtain a Lelyetia Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_flipped_key No
Advancement bg.pngHaven Realmstone.png The Floating Key Obtain a Haven Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_floating_key No
Advancement bg.pngPrecasia Realmstone.png The Fossilised Key Obtain a Precasia Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_fossilised_key No
Advancement bg.pngIromine Realmstone.png The Golden Key Obtain an Iromine Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_golden_key No
Advancement bg.pngWorn Book.png The Journey Begins Find a Corrupted Traveller underground and get his journal Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/the_journey_begins No
Advancement bg.pngShyrelands Realmstone.png The Key Of Light Obtain a Shyrelands Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_key_of_light No
Advancement bg.pngMysterium Realmstone.png The Shroomic Key Obtain a Mysterium Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_shroomic_key No
Advancement bg.pngCandyland Realmstone.png The Sugary Key Obtain a Candyland Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_sugary_key No
Advancement bg.pngVox Ponds Realmstone.png The Toxic Key Obtain a Vox Ponds Realmstone The Journey Begins aoa3:overworld/the_toxic_key No
Total Troll Dominance Craft an Ornate Smash Statue Troll Memorial aoa3:overworld/total_troll_dominance Yes
Troll Memorial Craft a Gold Smash Statue New King Of The Trolls aoa3:overworld/troll_memorial No
Advancement challenge bg.pngLotto Totem.png Winner Winner! Win a Game With a Lotto Totem Advent of Ascension aoa3:overworld/winner_winner Yes

Precasia[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngOpteryx Feather.png A Land Lost In Time Visit Precasia aoa3:precasia/root No
Advancement bg.pngBone Horn.png A Prehistoric Sound Obtain a Bone Horn A Land Lost In Time aoa3:precasia/a_prehistoric_sound Yes
Forever Preserved Craft an Ornate Tyrosaur Statue Not Quite a Fossil aoa3:precasia/forever_preserved Yes
It's Past Your Time Craft an Ornate Skeletron Statue The Gold Bones aoa3:precasia/its_past_your_time Yes
Jungle Rumble Defeat Tyrosaur, the earthquake creator A Prehistoric Sound aoa3:precasia/jungle_rumble No
Not Quite a Fossil Craft a Gold Tyrosaur Statue Jungle Rumble aoa3:precasia/not_quite_a_fossil No
Advancement challenge bg.pngSkeletal Sword.png Spooky Scary Skeletons Finish off the Skeletal Army with a Skeletal Sword and full Skeletal armour set You And What Army? aoa3:precasia/spooky_scary_skeletons Yes
The Gold Bones Craft a Gold Skeletron Statue You And What Army? aoa3:precasia/the_gold_bones No
Advancement bg.pngAncient Orb.png Waking The Ancient Undead Obtain an Ancient Orb A Land Lost In Time aoa3:precasia/waking_the_ancient_undead No
You And What Army? Defeat Skeletron, leader of the skeletal army Waking The Ancient Undead aoa3:precasia/you_and_what_army No

Runandor[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngRunic Energy.png Rolling Cubed Hills Visit Runandor aoa3:runandor/root No
All Smoothed Out Craft an Ornate Clunkhead Statue Statuesque aoa3:runandor/all_smoothed_out No
Clunked Out Defeat Clunkhead, the living ground King of Runes aoa3:runandor/clunked_out No
Advancement bg.pngMega Rune Stone.png King of Runes Obtain a Mega Rune Stone Rolling Cubed Hills aoa3:runandor/king_of_runes No
Statuesque Craft a Gold Clunkhead Statue Clunked Out aoa3:runandor/statuesque No

Shyrelands[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngSoulbone.png A Blinding Light Visit the Shyrelands aoa3:shyrelands/root No
Clipped Your Wings Craft an Ornate Craexxeus Statue Turning Off The Light aoa3:shyrelands/clipped_your_wings Yes
Dethroned Craft an Ornate Xxeus Statue Golden Warrior aoa3:shyrelands/dethroned Yes
Golden Warrior Craft a Gold Xxeus Statue Sit Back Down aoa3:shyrelands/golden_warrior No
Not Bright Enough Defeat Craexxeus, throne of the ancient of war Three Months Salary aoa3:shyrelands/not_bright_enough No
Sit Back Down Defeat Xxeus, ancient of war Not Bright Enough aoa3:shyrelands/sit_back_down No
Advancement bg.pngAncient Ring.png Three Months Salary Obtain an Ancient Ring A Blinding Light aoa3:shyrelands/three_months_salary No
Turning Off The Light Craft a Gold Craexxeus Statue Not Bright Enough aoa3:shyrelands/turning_off_the_light No

Vox Ponds[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngToxic Lump.png This Doesn't Seem Healthy Visit the Vox Ponds aoa3:voxponds/root No
Advancement bg.pngVile Stone.png How Vile Obtain a Vile Stone This Doesn't Seem Healthy aoa3:voxponds/how_vile No
Idolising Filth Craft a Gold Voxxulon Statue Spray And Wipe aoa3:voxponds/idolising_filth No
Innoculated Craft an Ornate Voxxulon Statue Idolising Filth aoa3:voxponds/innoculated Yes
Advancement challenge bg.pngFace Mask.png Oops.. Die to the atmosphere in Vox Ponds This Doesn't Seem Healthy aoa3:voxponds/oops Yes
Spray And Wipe Defeat Voxxulon, the unknown How Vile aoa3:voxponds/spray_and_wipe No